Bakeware & Mold Coatings for High-Volume Industrial and Artisanal Bakeries

From high-volume industrial and artisanal bakeries to molds and materials, demanding industrial applications require unique coating solutions that offer long-lasting protection and performance while in constant use. PPG's complete line of non-stick coatings combine performance with long product life and are designed to work in the most complex settings to help make operations simple and more efficient.

Our coatings are available for both interior and exterior applications and in a variety of one-, two- and multi-coat systems. They are tested and proven to offer solutions for a broad range of problems such as permeation, corrosion and abrasion resistance, and perform well on both new and refurbished substrates.

Non-stick coatings are available in either PTFE or Sol-Gel silicon technologies and have been specifically tested to perform in high-volume, demanding environments while maintaining compliance with strict food-contact standards.

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