Extrusion Coatings

Trusted by architects and building component manufacturers, PPG's aluminum extrusion coatings deliver exceptional corrosion protection, lasting durability and enduring beauty with a full portfolio of customized finishes, colors, gloss levels and special effects.

Our dedication to innovation and performance drives PPG’s rigorous, real-world testing in seacoast and industrial settings. Engineered to meet performance specifications established by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA), PPG extrusion coatings offer a variety of platforms in both liquid and powder technologies that address every application and metal coatings challenge.

AAMA analyzes products to guide architects towards selecting the right solutions for new construction and renovation projects. PPG offers a range of extrusion coatings that satisfy each of the following AAMA categories:

Pairing excellent products with expert application

PPG's CERTIFIED APPLICATOR PROGRAM™ has identified qualified extrusion applicators in the business and formed a nationwide network, putting you together with the pros and helping to ensure that our products always deliver on performance.

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Featured Products

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  • PPG DURANAR® Liquid and Powder (AAMA 2605)

    One of the most trusted products in the building industry, Duranar liquid fluoropolymer coatings set the standard in durability and beauty for architectural, metal roof and wall panels. Duranar is available in a wide range of solid, metallic and mica formulations.

  • PPG CORAFLON Powder (AAMA 2605)

    Coraflon fluoropolymer powder combines the benefits of one-coat capability with high gloss, outstanding color retention and resistance to chalking and abrasions. It is ideal for monumental buildings, doors, window frames and railings. NEW innovative fluoropolymer coming in 2020.

  • PPG DURASTAR® Liquid (AAMA 2604)

    Durastar liquid coatings are one-coat ultra-durable polyester spray coating systems that provide excellent corrosion resistance, enduring color, and chalk-, scratch- and mar-resistance for high-end building products and components. Additional AAMA 2604 specified products include PPG ENVIROCRON™ 04® and PPG ACRYNAR®. Not available in Europe.

  • PPG DURACRON® Liquid (AAMA 2603)

    Duracron extrusion coatings are acrylic-based, one-coat systems. With decades of field-proven performance, they offer good film integrity, color control and mar-resistance. Duracron coatings are recommended for window and door frames, railings and trim. Additional AAMA 2603 specified products include PPG POLYCRON® and PPG ENVIROCRON™ 03. Not available in Europe.