Layer Without Limits

Deliver next-level efficiency with 98% color consistency and uniform film build.

As the company that pioneered electrocoat in 1963, PPG continues to set the global standard for e-coat performance, innovation and technical service.

PPGs comprehensive mix of anodic and cathodic products delivers a corrosion-resistant and chemical-resistant finish that meets both standard and high-edge requirements. Our e-coat products have low applications costs and are specifically formulated without solvents and heavy metals.

More efficient than other dip applications, e-coat is highly automated and delivers 98 percent transfer efficiency, color consistency and uniform film build on even the most complex metal parts.

It is the coatings system of choice for makers of military and HVAC equipment, automotive parts, appliances and fasteners.

The benefits of PPG e-coats are consistent color, uniform film build, highly automated process, 100% coverage and much more.

Featured Products

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