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Up-to-date account information when you need it

Running a professional painting business requires your constant attention. So why should you have to wait until the end of the month for critical account information? When you sign up for eBilling, a new online professional service from PPG, you’ll have 24-hour access to your account activity through the last complete business day.

Why eBilling?

With PPG's new e-Account online service, you will have the ability to operate more efficiently:

  • Online bill payment by credit card or checking account.
  • Prescheduled bill payments (checking account payments only).
  • Email alerts available for new invoices/credits.
  • Dedicated PPG help desk.
  • Account balances and payment information.
  • View payments/credits on account and how they were applied.
  • Ability to search for current and past invoices for full 4 years.
  • Reduce cost of postage and invoice processing.

Exporting Invoices

  • Search for the invoices you want to export on the Account Details page.
  • 4 different file formats for exporting your data: Excel, HTML, PDF or RTF.
  • 2 main invoice templates for exporting your transactions.

Benefits of eBilling

  • Think of your process of paying an invoice for an entire year:
    • All the resources spent on receiving, posting, and filing invoices
    • The waste of misfiling or lost invoices
    • The inefficiency in retrieving invoices/bills
    • The total amount of money spent on postage
  • All these unnecessary wastes can be resolved with the use of PPG eBilling.
  • It makes your operation more efficient by making invoice payment less of a hassle!
  • eBilling uses the most secure encryption available.