Advanced additives and adhesives for wide ranging applications

PPG is pleased to offer our customers a complete line of advanced adhesives and additives leveraging technologies from the former Laurel and PSI businesses.

This includes a range of kneadable epoxy putties under the Kneadatite® brand. Epoxies are manufactured in a variety of geometries and accommodate commercial/professional and DIY/consumer applications. Our flagship portfolio of epoxy sticks offer strong adhesion to specific substrates.

Additionally, PPG also offers high-performing adhesives and sealants. These products provide exceptional chemical and mechanical adhesion to a broad spectrum of building materials and are suitable for interior and exterior construction applications. Technology platforms include polyurethane sealants, hybrid sealants and more. Many are low-VOC products that meet strict regulatory requirements or feature NSF certification.

PPG additives rely upon PTFE, FEP and mica technologies. They are engineered to offer enhanced performance in a wide variety of applications, including coatings, polymer compounds and lubricants. Our unique process provides precision in particle size and molecular weight characteristics to help ensure consistency and uniformity. We also offer PTFE dispersions that stand up to the quality and performance you have come to expect from PPG.

To purchase individual PPG adhesive products in less than bulk quantities, visit Hisco. For bulk orders of 5000 units or more, please contact a PPG representative.

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