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  • Description

     Two-coat fluoropolymer system offering excellent release.

  • Chemistry


  • Application


  • Benefits

    • Patented and unique blend of non-stick materials
    • Durable release performance
    • Choice of primers with low or medium reinforcement
    • High temperature resistance
    • Easy to handle
    • FDA and FD-EU approval
  • Suggested End Uses

    • Industrial bakeware (baguette trays, perforated flat trays)
    • Food processing
    • Mold release

Product Characteristics

Color Variety of mica effect colors (e.g. emerald green, azure blue, grey, metallic black), along with solid black
Continuous use temperature 260°C / 500°F
Cure temperature 370°C – 400°C / 700°F - 750°F

Technical Properties

Property Results
Dry Film Thickness (WTM 114A) 30 - 40 microns recommended
Adhesion – boil cross hatch and tape pull (WTM 132D) No adhesion loss
Non-Stick – Dry Egg Release Test x 5 cycles (WTM 199D) No sticking. Egg slides easily