Heavy Duty Equipment

With an in-depth knowledge of the industry, market-proven protective coatings and extensive color capabilities, PPG is trusted by leading regional and global heavy-duty equipment OEMs to protect their products and their brands.

Meeting stringent OEM specifications for durability, color harmony and aesthetics, our cost-effective coatings for agriculture and construction equipment are engineered to protect vehicles and machinery from corrosion, chemicals, UV damage and fading, even in the most demanding conditions.

With fully integrated coating technologies, pretreatment and e-coat products, heavy-duty equipment manufacturers benefit from lower applied costs and exceptional protection performance.

Featured Products

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    Envirocron Extreme Protection Edge powder delivers extreme corrosion protection on sharp, hard-to-coat edges in just one coat. With a higher first-pass transfer efficiency, reduced powder usage and 20+ micron edge coverage, this patent-pending breakthrough is ideal for laser, fiber, CO2 plasma cut and sharp edges, louvers, blades and mesh.


    A very robust platform, Spectracron VRP 2K epoxy primer provides corrosion protection over a variety of substrates and in an array of conditions where other primers often fail. Available in a range of colors, this technology allows for flexible and efficient application. Not available in Europe.

  • PPG AQUACRON® Liquid

    Easy to apply and fast drying, Aquacron waterborne liquid primers and topcoats are engineered with proven breakthrough technology for industrial finishing. Aquacron solutions provide an alternative to solvent-based coatings where flammability and solvent exposure issues are critical.

  • PPG POWERCRON® Electrocoat

    Powercron coatings provide exceptional corrosion and/or UV protection. Products include PPG POWERCRON® ADVANTEDGETM formulated without tin, PPG POWERCRON® 6th Generation high performing cationic epoxy finish and PPG POWERCRON® 9XX and 8XX Series acrylic finishes.