Trademark Ownership and Attribution

Trademarks of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.

Acrynar™, AllTech Engineered Finishes™, Andaro™, Aquacron™, Aqualink™, Aquanar™, Armorbank™, Armorshield™, Ascodur™, Autoprime™, Blackjack™, Booth-Strip™, Caprithane™, Chemaine™, Chromaflex™, Claritage™, Cooladillo™, Cooladilo & Armadillo Device™, Corox™, Corrokleen™, Corrosol™, Dragonhide™, DragonHide A PPG Brand & PPG Logo (Original Version) & Dragon Head Design™, Duraback™, Durabrite™, Duracron™, Duracron (Stylized)™, Duraform™, Duranar™, Duranar (Katakana)™, Duraset™, Durashield™, Durastar™, Durethane™, Ecobrite™, Electroclear™, Electroimage™, Electropolyseal™, Electrotough™, Enviracryl (Katakana)™, Envirocron™, Flexacron™, Flexanar™, Formshield™, Formshield in Stylized Letters™, Frame Coat™, Frame Coat (Logo)™, Framecoat™, Indx Stylized X Logo™, Irco Bond™, Knowledge College™, Macroflex™, Magnusspray™, Multimet™, Navigator™, Oval Design (PPG Truefinish Watermark)™, Performaloc™, Pilt™, Plascron™, Plasticron™, Polycron™, Powercron (Chinese Characters)™, Powercron Advantedge™, Powercron Epic™, PowerX™, PowerX and Design™, PPG CAP Certified Applicator Program and Design™, PPG CMPP Certified Metal Panel Program & Design™, PPG Logo (Revised Version) Duranar™, PPG Mosaic™, PPG Mosaic in Block letters™, Qualicron™, Raycron™, Rep. of Armadillo™, Rustarest™, S Logo™, Secure Launch Excellence™, Solarwhite™, Spectraclean™, Spectrastrip™, Spectrathin™, Spectraxpress™, "Spraylat"™, Spraylat™, Spraylat in Chinese Characters™, Spraylat in Stylized Letters™, Sunstorm™, Superl™, SustainAbility by PPG Wood Coatings w/Design of Tree™, Trendcast™, Truform™, Ultra Cool™, Ultralink™, Ultrapax™, Ultrax™, Vari-Cool™, Velvecron™, Vivaflex™, Vivati™, and X-Bond™ are trademarks of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.

Registered trademarks of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.

Electrocolor®, Enviracryl®, Environ®, FasTREK in Stylized letters w/elongated rectangles®, Powercron®, PPG Truefinish®, Silversan®, and Spectracron® are registered trademarks of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.

Trademarks of PPG Canada Inc.

Acrycote™, Herculon™, Nisorane™, Nisothane™, Novocy™, Phil-Gard™, Phil-Gard/52-1™, Phil-Gard/52-2™, Phil-Gard/53-1™, phillips stylized in white™, and pphillips stylized in black & white™ are trademarks of PPG Canada Inc.

Trademarks of PPG Industries Australia Pty LTD.

Aqualux™, Armorpol™, Armorprime™, and Dualprime™ are trademarks of PPG Industries Australia Pty LTD.

Trademarks of MetoKote Corporation

Insite™, MetoKote™, MetoKote (upper & lowercase)™, and MetoKote stylized in color™ are trademarks of MetoKote Corporation.

Trademarks of PRC-Desoto International, Inc.

Deft™ and Deft & Horseshoe Shaped Design™ are trademarks of PRC-Desoto International, Inc.

Trademarks of PPG Architectural Finishes, Inc.

Machinecoat™ and Poly-Iothane™ are trademarks of PPG Architectural Finishes, Inc.

Trademark of PPG Dr. A Schoch AG

Ascalor™ is a trademark of PPG Dr. A Schoch AG.

Trademark of Hickson Coatings B.V.

Respur™ is a trademark of Hickson Coatings B.V.