PPG's Cross-Cultural Approach to Beautifying the World Through Color

Worldwide collaboration with customers and colleagues

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As a global player in paint, PPG’s mission of beautifying the world through color has been bolstered by the creation of PPG color workshops, all located near major electronic design studios and manufacturing hubs across the world.

Color technician mixing coating colors in PPG's color studio with clients watching behind a protective, clear screen.

These global color studios give customers and designers a truly unique experience - to work one-on-one with our color styling technicians to bring their visions for colors to life, no matter where they are located.

Customer Collaboration

PPG clients comparing color swatches created by PPG's color design team based on global trend research and customer needs.

As PPG's color design manager, Vanessa Peterson leads the U.S. team in gathering insights into customer color needs and conducts the color workshops. "Color is so subjective. It's important for customers to come in and see colors in person for this reason. We like to have our clients on site so they can see how different colors translate into paint. It’s also a great way for customers to get to express themselves," she explained.

The color studio labs are fully equipped with a range of technologies for a variety of application purposes and effects. At the end of a color workshop, customers leave with a completed color palette that they discussed and collaborated on with PPG color technicians.

Vanessa added, "Our clients know that when they come in and work with us, we're offering the latest color trends to add to their products. These colors have been carefully curated by our global research team annually, based on what's happening around the world."

If customers can't travel to a local color studio, they can attend a PPG Virtual Color Workshop, a process developed and successfully implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic.

One Team, One PPG

While hundreds of PPG color experts from all over the world contribute, our expert color design teams based in China and the U.S. have the important task of leading the development of the PPG global color trends and styling direction, creating a cross-cultural, multi-industry perspective for our customers.

Xue Wei, PPG color design manager for electronic materials, Greater China, explained why this is such an important process. "Being a global leader in coating solutions, PPG is able to give customers in over 70 different countries local access to our exceptional products and support.

"The color design technicians in China and the U.S. share formula and color standards to ensure effective color communication from design to mass production. Once the color is approved, at the workshop or at a later stage, the collaboration between the team means it is already on its way to being produced – allowing a seamless and stress-free transition for customers."

On site meetings and virtual color workshops allow PPG to meet any customer needs, no matter where they are located. Read our article on the business of creating color during a pandemic to find out how our PPG color design team tackles screen barriers to provide seamless and continuous color work for our clients.