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  • Description

    PPG Powercron cationic epoxy technology is known for its ability to work across a broad variety of shapes and sizes, as well as its single- or two-component feed-package options. Offering good edge protection for standard-edge parts and standard coverage of densely racked parts.

  • Chemistry

    Cationic Epoxy

  • Benefits

    • 1K Feed Package
    • Numerous OEM approvals
    • High throw power
    • Robust operational control
    • Reduced bake capabilities (350˚F / 20’)

  • Suggested End Uses

    • Automotive Parts
    • Agricultural & Construction
    • Electrical Equipment
    • Heavy Duty Trucks 

Product Characteristics

Color Black
Gloss @ 60° (ASTM D523) 65 - 85
VOCs 0.41 lbs/gal.

Technical Properties

Property Standard Results
Pencil Hardness ASTM D3363 2H minimum
Direct Impact ASTM D2794 100 in-lbs minimum
Reverse Impact ASTM D2794 60 in-lbs minimum
Humidity Resistance ASTM D1735 1000 hours minimum
Gravelometer GM9508P 6 minimum
Cross Hatch Adhesion ASTM D3359 4B - 5B
Water Immersion ASTM D870 250 hours minimum
Salt Spray Resistance B117: 1000 hours 1 - 2 mm (CRS/Zinc Phos/Chrome NIA [Not Intentionally Added]) 3 - 6 mm (CRS/Iron Phos/Chrome NIA [Not Intentionally Added])
Salt Spray Resistance GM9511P: 20 Cycle Scab 1 - 2 mm (CRS/Zinc Phos/Chrome NIA [Not Intentionally Added]) 3 - 8 mm (CRS/Iron Phos/Chrome NIA [Not Intentionally Added])