PPG ENVIROCRON® EXTREME PROTECTION EDGE Powder Provides breakthrough innovation for the industry.

Launched in 2019, PPG ENVIROCRON® Extreme Protection Edge powder coating represents a major industry advancement in one-coat edge coverage.

Staying uniform over sharp edges

Sharp edge coverage has been a considerable and enduring challenge for the coatings industry. Until recently, existing coatings all faced the same issue of not being able to maintain a uniform layer of protection on a sharp edge, particularly cut edges on steel, throughout the curing process. This lack of uniformity on sharp edges can compromise a coating’s performance and lead to deterioration. Rust and corrosion along these exposed edges prove to be a significant issue and a crucial reason for the need for innovation.

By producing a coating that stays uniform over sharp edges, we have also provided a way to soften or dull those edges without adding any extra cost to manufacturers – essentially helping to make the coated metal product less sharp and safer for workers to handle, unload, assemble and package.

A machine cutting metal and creating sharp edges. PPGs ENVIROCRON® EXTREME PROTECTION EDGE produces a coating that softens these.


  • One-coat, direct to substrate, application
  • Exceptional corrosion protection
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Formulation flexibility
  • 20+ micron edge coverage
  • Color consistency
  • Gloss range from 50-95 at 60˚
  • Durable and Ultradurable formulations
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Suggested Uses

  • Heavy duty equipment
  • Electrical generators
  • Fire hydrants
  • Above ground propane tanks
  • Boom lifts
  • Parts with sharp edges

Potential Customer Benefits

  • Reduces labor, material and utilities costs
  • Extends product life cycle
  • Protects surface from incidental chemical contact
  • Provides corrosion protection in epoxy and hybrid chemistries for 1-coat or 2-coat applications
  • Provides exceptional edge protection in extreme environments
  • Less rejects of coated parts
  • Meets various customers specifications for finish product
  • Colors last longer

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  • Edge and Face Coverage

    Excellent edge and face corrosion properties

  • Color Swatches

    Wide range of color and gloss

  • Chemicals

    Good chemical resistance

  • Durable Protection

    Excellent exterior durability

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