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  • Description

    Extreme corrosion protection in one-coat powder with superior sharp edge coverage. Excellent edge and face corrosion properties with good chemical resistance and excellent exterior durability.

  • Chemistry

    Polyester TGIC

    Polyester HAA

  • Application


  • Benefits

    • One-coat, direct to substrate, application
    • Exceptional corrosion protection
    • Good chemical resistance
    • Formulation flexibility
    • 20+ micron edge coverage
    • Color consistency
    • Gloss range from 50-95 at 60˚
    • Durable and Ultradurable formulations
  • Suggested End Uses

    • Heavy duty equipment
    • Electrical generators
    • Fire hydrants
    • Above ground propane tanks
    • Boom lifts
    • Parts with sharp edges

Technical Properties

Property Standard Results
Adhesion ASTM D-3359-97 100% (5B Pass)
Hardness ASTM D-3363-92 2H Pencil (Eagle)
Conical Mandrel ASTM D-522-93 1/8" Mandrel
- No Cracking
Salt Spray ASTM B-117-97 1000 Hrs. Pass
<1/8" Scribe Creep
- No Blisters
Minimal corrosion on sharp edges
Humidity ASTM D-2247-99 1000 Hrs. Pass
<1/16" Scribe Creep
- No Blisters

Product Characteristics

Color Wide range of color and gloss
Substrate Metals (including steel and aluminum)