PPG Powercron® 6th-Generation family of cationic epoxy electrocoats

The Powercron 6th-generation family of products delivers excellent corrosion resistance across a diverse range of markets, applications and complex parts. Based on the same core cationic epoxy technology, each of our electrocoat solutions - FRAMECOAT® II, Powercron 6100HE and Powercron 6000CX - are uniquely formulated to hit specific, yet critical performance characteristics and work in tandem with a variety of pretreatments and sealers.

Streamline your electrocoat operation

When you need innovation, performance and service to support your electrocoat operation, PPG delivers. After pioneering anodic electrocoat technology in 1963, we've been at the forefront of every major advancement, creating a standard of performance and world-class support recognized across the globe.

The Powercron 6th-generation  family delivers streamlined operational performance and cost savings with high throwpower that allows for densely loaded racks to reduce storage and transportation of materials, as well as low-bake temperatures to save on natural gas usage.

A close-up of the underneath of a car showing the different metal elements and parts coated by PPG Powercron epoxy electrocoats.

Why choose Powercron 6th Generation products?

  • Chemicals

    Single- or two-component feed packages

  • Robustness icon

    Standard and high-edge protection of parts

  • Spray Gun

    Range of throwpower options

  • Environmental

    VOC options as low as < 0.4 lbs./gal. (48 g/L)

  • Color Swatches

    Black, gray and color options available

POWERCRON 6th Generation Virtual Event

Join PPG experts for a 30-minute live presentation on the Powercron 6th Generation family of products, the benefits and potential market uses. Please indicate your preference below, all times are Eastern Standard.

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