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  • Description

    Duracron extrusion coatings are acrylic-based, one-coat systems. With decades of field-proven performance, they offer good film integrity, color control and mar-resistance. Duracron coatings are recommended for window and door frames, railings and trim. Additional FGIA/AAMA 2603 specified products include PPG POLYCRON® and PPG ENVIROCRON™ 03. Not available in Europe.

  • Chemistry


  • Benefits

    • Tough, mar resistance and good film integrity finish

    • Easy to apply

    • Formulated with medium-solids (~30-60%)*

    • Available in Duracron 600  formulation

    • One coat system

    *Detailed solids percentage data available in product data sheets

  • Suggested End Uses

    • Window and door frames

    • Railings

    • Trim

Product Characteristics

Color - White, black, and a full range of colors including metallics and pearlescents
Gloss @ 60° ASTM D523 Colors: high, medium, & low gloss; Polychromatics: medium & low gloss

Performance Properties

Property Standard Results
Dry Film Thickness ASTM D1400 1.0 ± 0.2 mil — 0.8 mil min.2
Pencil Hardness ASTM D3363 H min.
Cross Hatch Adhesion 1/16” wet and dry Excellent— No removal
Direct Impact 1/10” distortion Excellent— No removal
Fabrication - Excellent — Withstands punching, cutting, & drilling
Acid Resistance ASTM D1308; 10% muriatic acid spot test 15 minutes — No attack
Alkali Resistance Mortar pat test; 100% relative humidity @ 100°F 24 hours — No attack
Detergent Resistance 3% immersion @ 100°F 72 hours — No attack
Salt Spray Resistance ASTM B117 1500 hrs.; 5% NaCl @ 100° F 1/16” maximum undercutting
Humidity Resistance ASTM D714; ASTM D2247, 1500 hrs.; 100% relative humidity @ 100°F Up to few #8 blisters maximum
Exterior Exposure 1 yr. @ 45°, south Florida No loss of adhesion; Maximum 8E color change; Maximum 6 chalk rating