The future of powder coatings

Marizeth Carvalho, general manager in Latin America South and head of strategic marketing, global Industrial Coatings and former global business director for PPG powder coatings, shares her vision for the future of powder coatings.

February 2024

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Equipped with a degree in Business Administration and an MBA in Marketing, Marizeth Carvalho has dedicated more than 30 years to the coatings industry. She joined PPG in 2016, after working for 32 years in a European company where she supported various industries including architectural, automotive and chemicals in strategic planning, innovation and new business development roles.

Marizeth most recently served as global business director for powder coatings in PPG industrial coatings, where she oversaw the global strategy, portfolio, innovation and growth of this technology across all SBUs (Strategic Business Units) before accepting a newly created position as head of strategic marketing in December 2023. Since powder is a key growth focus for PPG,  Marizeth’s expertise in the technology will be invaluable in helping PPG leverage opportunities for growth and identify ways to bring more value to customers.

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Unlocking opportunities: the future of powder coatings

For 2024 and beyond, powder coatings are expected to continue steady global growth. Marizeth sees a lot of opportunities in this area. "PPG can leverage its global presence, its cross-SBU collaboration and its customer-centric approach to capture these opportunities and drive growth in the technology," she explained.

Marizeth sees the opportunity for some industries to transition from liquid to powder coatings due to the environmental and performance benefits; she also sees some increased adoption of powder for substrates such as wood, plastic and 3D printing, which offer new possibilities and applications.

Sustainability at the core

Powder coatings are one of the technologies that align seamlessly with key sustainability goals. These coatings are generally formulated without solvents that emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs), their high application efficiency minimizes waste, while material reclamation and recycling contribute to circular practices.

But sustainability is only one factor in driving demand for powder. High performance protection including corrosion resistance, durability, anti-microbial properties, plus versatile design and aesthetics like matte finishes, metallics, textures and on-trend colors are adding to powder’s growing appeal among both consumers and manufacturers. Powder is helping to create opportunities for differentiation in the market, driving innovation and productivity in the industry.

Powder coatings cross-industry expansion

One of Marizeth's challenges was to create a stronger connection between various PPG businesses that have opportunities to sell powder coatings. "By making this connection, we recognize the potential to enhance our value proposition for customers as PPG stands out for its comprehensive portfolio that includes pretreatment, electrocoat, topcoat and services," she says. Under her leadership, the team focused on creating a more agile and dynamic environment, improving communication and collaboration among the regions and the global team, and aligning the strategy and the execution. "This is a different way to work, making a team of teams," Marizeth concludes.

Congratulations to Marizeth for her new position.

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