PPG recognized as a leader in metal roofing by industry insiders

Metal Roofing Magazine Recognizes PPG with the Metal of Honor

March 2024

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PPG was recently named a 2024 Metal of Honor award winner by Metal Roofing magazine. The industry recognition program was created in 2004 to celebrate companies that are working to advance the metal roofing industry through innovation, performance and service. This is the fifth win for PPG in the 20-year history of the award.

"We are truly honored to be recognized for our work in this industry," said Steve Rutkowski, senior manager, coil, for PPG’s Industrial Coatings business. "This award is especially meaningful since we were selected by industry professionals and peers."

PPG will be recognized in the April issue of Metal Roofing with the other 2024 honorees.

Metal roof coatings

PPG's Legacy in Architectural Metal Protection

A pioneer in architectural metal coatings for over 55 years, PPG was among the first to develop a factory-applied cool coating for metal roof panels in 2001, a significant advancement in the industry. Cool coatings are formulated with advanced infrared (IR)-reflected pigments that shed a higher degree of solar heat than standard metal coatings.

These coatings not only help to keep buildings cooler with less energy, they also help to preserve the structural integrity of metal by reducing corrosion, warping, thermal expansion and polymer degradation-protection that can extend the life cycle of the substrate.

PPG's ULTRA-Cool portfolio includes DURANAR ULTRA-Cool liquid coatings and DURANAR VARI-Cool coatings with color shifting pigments, as well as DURASTAR SMP ULTRA-Cool Coatings coatings that combine PPG's silicone-modified polyester technology with the same pigment and primer systems developed for premium Duranar coatings.

PPG is Helping Partners Meet Demand for Metal Roofing

According to the Metal Roofing Alliance, residential metal roofing in the U.S. accounts for a record 18% of the total roofing market, a climb of 6% in just three years.

Through ongoing metal coating innovations, technical support and leadership in color and special effect finishes, PPG will continue to support growth in the metal roofing industry that is being fueled by interest in their energy efficiency, longevity, durability in extreme climate events, and lower maintenance requirements.