PPG and Bialetti Brew Partnership That Brings Color and Whimsy to Iconic Coffeemakers

How PPG and Bialetti Added a Splash of Color to the Coffee breaks

January 2024

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Steeped in Italian culture and synonymous with high design and quality, Moka coffee makers made by Bialetti are cherished for producing bold great tasting brews, whether it's made in the original Moka Express or one of the many models produced by the Italian manufacturer throughout the years.

PPG powder coatings protect the new Moka Exclusive line by Bialetti

In 1933, engineer and entrepreneur Alfonso Bialetti began manufacturing the Moka Express, the aluminum coffeemaker that revolutionized the way coffee was made with high pressure that forces steam through the grounds. The name derives from the city of Mokha in Yemen, one of the first and most renowned coffee production regions of that era.

Since then, more than 300 million have been sold, almost unchanged from their original octagonal shape that is widely heralded as the pinnacle of Italian design. Today, the iconic appliance is a staple in kitchens around the world, particularly in Europe and Latin America.

But the Moka Express is not the only popular appliance sold by Bialetti, headquartered in Coccaglio (Brescia, Italy). Every year, millions of coffeemakers are bought by coffee aficionados in various models and colors.

For generations, all Bialetti models had uncoated aluminum exteriors. But that changed around 20 years ago when Bialetti started producing colored Mokas to bring beauty to the daily ritual of making coffee. In addition to the Mukka Express, a cappuccino machine coated with a cream and black powder coat that resembles the spotted hide of a cow, the two companies worked in partnership to develop several polyesters and epoxy-polyesters for various Bialetti coffeemaker lines, including matte colors for the Fiammetta; green for the Break Alpina; pink for the Moka Express in the special edition for the Giro d’Italia cycling race; various colors for the Dama "Glamour" version and golden yellow for a top-selling Christmas collection.

Trendy Aesthetics and Sustainable Solutions: The New Moka Exclusive

The Moka is a more sustainable device that brews coffee from powdered coffee beans, eliminating the need for disposable plastic pods. In addition, it only requires water to clean, no soap or detergent needed. Bialetti’s Moka are protected by powder coatings to support the company’s sustainability initiatives. The powder technology is 100% solid and is specifically formulated without volatile organic compounds (VOCs); it offers a transfer efficiency up to 85% and the mono-coat process saves time and energy. Additionally, powder overspray can be reclaimed and recycled which helps to keep waste to a minimum.

In 2023 the PPG powder team developed a new series of colors that meet aesthetics needs and characterize the new Moka Exclusive line.

"We wanted something new, elegant and refined to fully enhance the Moka Express icon. By researching and examining aesthetic and stylistic trends, our style department proposed a new Exclusive collection featuring seven trendy colors to meet anyone's taste" explained Marco Vanoli, Bialetti product manager.

Bialetti's Moka Express protected by PPG powder coatings

Once the colors were developed, the testing process began in Bialetti's own laboratory to ensure good adhesion, stain resistance and durability over high heat. The tests were very aggressive, yet crucial to ensure that an optimal coating was used.

The powder coatings met the requirements on all fronts, from performance to aesthetics and it’s now ready to be launched for the Christmas Edition 2023.

"We are highly satisfied that our coating has been chosen for the top Exclusive colors of the 2023 Christmas collection and we are particularly happy to continue collaborating with Bialetti Industries. We share the company's passion for Italian excellence, innovation and attention to quality," said Cristoforo Brendas, PPG business development manager powder coatings.

Bialetti's products are known for their high design and exceptional quality. PPG is honored to continue the partnership by providing them with sustainable powder coatings fitting of their high-end coffeemakers.

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