How PPG's Coatings Services Maximizes Production Efficiencies and Reduces Costs

January 2021

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Here at PPG, we have a comprehensive range of coating technologies, coating application services and value-added solutions to help our customers streamline their processes, maximize production efficiencies and reduce logistics costs.

In this blog, we break down our coatings services offering and the benefits our in-house equipment division, INSITE, provides.

PPG technician wearing a blue PPG t-shirt monitoring and cleaning coating machinery.

High-volume Production

As part of our industrial coatings business, Coatings Services provides the industry's most comprehensive range of coating technologies, application services and value-added solutions. We help our customers streamline coating processes, maximize production efficiencies and reduce logistics costs.

We have over 20 general purpose coating centers around the world offering e-coat and powder coating services, liquid paint, and advanced pretreatments for various industries including:


-Truck and bus

-Heavy-duty equipment

-Wood products


- Consumer products

Coatings Services operates and manages nearly 100 coating lines in six different countries as part of our in-house equipment division, INSITE, and our general purpose lines.

In-house Equipment Division

INSITE provides services for all four of the major paint technologies – e-coat, powder coat, liquid paint, and advanced pretreatment for bond adhesion promotion.

INSITE is very unique in that Coatings Services will custom design, build, install and manage a coating line inside of your facility. The variation in coating application methods, materials, parts, and services means each scenario and model is completely customized. This enables our customers to focus on their manufacturing processes, while we manage the paint.

PPG technician wearing PPE inspecting coating line provided by PPG's in-house equipment division services.

There are numerous advantages to running a paint line in-house, such as:

-Expertise and Knowledge from PPG & Coatings Services

-The complete elimination of transportation costs to and from outside coaters

-The highest possible first pass quality levels since the lines are custom designed around the customer's parts

-Greatly reduced work-in-progress (WIP) and storage container costs

The only real challenge is the space that the line consumes in a facility, therefore a critical mass needs to be achieved to make an INSITE feasible. For lower volume scenarios, our general-purpose coating centers are an excellent choice for customers requiring protective coatings.

If you're looking for a global network of facilities and coatings professionals to improve your manufacturing efficiencies and increase savings, please get in touch:

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