5 Questions: Rachel on the Power of Digital

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September 2020

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In this series, we want you to meet the innovators behind PPG’s Industrial Coatings business.

Rachel Findley, our EMEA marketing communications manager, brought over 12 years of marketing experience to our Industrial Coatings business after the acquisition of Whitford Worldwide in 2019. We chatted to Rachel about the importance of digital capabilities and how she's managed working from home through the pandemic.

How important are a business's digital capabilities in today's environment?

Digital capabilities in today's environment are the elements that allow for business consistency, especially in this difficult time. In a time when social distancing is paramount, and face-to-face contact is difficult, the ability to use WhatsApp for line trials, or Skype for technical service and troubleshooting, opens a whole world of possibilities for how we engage with customers.

What is a project you're currently working on that excites you?

The digital strategy for the Industrial Coatings business and the emergence of the newly redesigned Industrial Coatings website. This has been a very involved process where we’ve aided the navigation of our audience through the website to improve the functionality and enhance their user experience.

How do you see marketing communications changing in a post-COVID-19 world?

In a post-Covid-19 world, digital communications will become all the more important as we move forward. From online networking events to virtual exhibitions, communications has evolved to focus on digital tools to connect—reducing time and resources, yet still enabling deeper connections through technology.

What is your favourite app to use to stay connected at the moment?

Face-to-face communication at a time of social distancing from family, friends and colleagues, is more important than it ever has been. Apps like Zoom allow us to feel like we're truly in this together.

Have you picked up any new hobbies during this time at home?

Not new ones, but it's allowed for me to revisit old ones from when life previously felt too busy to enjoy the simple things. Whether that's cooking, baking or going for long walks in the beautiful city of Chester where I live. This time has really allowed us to get back to the simple things and really evaluate what’s important.