5 Questions: Madison Sloan and the Benefits of Waterborne Coatings

May 2021

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PPG is known and trusted by businesses around the world for our state-of-the-art industrial coatings, but what do you know about the people behind our brand and our products?

Our new Five Question series will introduce you to the decision makers and employees responsible for our successes.

Meet Madison Sloan, who joined PPG after graduating from the University of Kentucky with a degree in chemistry in 2017. Today, she is the global strategic account manager for our electronic materials business.

We chatted with Madison about PPG waterborne coatings and how she stays connected during this time of remote working.

What is the top benefit of waterborne coatings?

The key benefit of waterborne coatings is the potential to reduce the industry's carbon footprint on the environment. PPG has an intense focus on developing sustainable, more environmentally friendly coatings options. By moving from solvent-borne coatings to waterborne coatings, we offer products that will help protect the earth for generations to come, without sacrificing durability or performance.

What is the difference between water-based and waterborne coatings?

A water-based coating dissolves in water. A simple example of this would be honey which can be dissolved in hot water. In our case, honey would represent the resin in our coatings. Once the water evaporates, the coating remains on the application surface.

On the other hand, a waterborne coating has a resin that must be dispersed in water and interact with the water molecules. While a bit more complex, waterborne coatings are generally much more stable than water-based coatings.

What waterborne innovation are you most excited about?

It is difficult to select just one, but I have to choose our AQUACRON™ Stain Resistant Clear Coat. While I see so much benefit and personally enjoy the colored coatings that PPG develops, it’s been the functional coatings that have been the frontrunners for me this past year.

Due to working from home more, my devices have taken a lot more wear and tear. However, our waterborne coating, Aquacron Stain Resistant Clear Coat, not only has increased stain resistance, but also has anti-fingerprint functionalities – keeping my surfaces looking cleaner, stain-free and smudge-free for longer.

What is your favorite part of your current role at PPG?

The people I get to work with on a daily basis. This role has truly allowed me to see and experience the diversity within PPG. On a daily basis, I work with our technical, procurement, manufacturing and marketing teams around the world. I have never been exposed to as many people of such diverse backgrounds, educations and expertise.

But the talent here is not just diverse, they are driven. It's been very humbling and gratifying to see the level of engagement we have across the entire organization and to work with likeminded individuals who are invested in this shift to more sustainable coatings.

How do you stay connected during this time of remote working?

It's very important during this time to stay in touch with customers, friends and family. While you can't replace face-to-face interactions, I'm extremely grateful to live in a time with the electronic capabilities we have now that are keeping us connected across great distances.

Before the pandemic, I usually sent a text or an email, but now I find myself picking up the phone or video chatting somebody to have that same conversation. While I look forward to a time when I can hug friends and family or grab a cup of coffee with a co-worker, I am grateful for the capabilities we do have that are helping us get through these challenging times.