Top Quality Collection J20.20Architectural Powder Coatings: Iconic colors

Our global color experts have curated seven timeless color vibes that reflect emerging and influential design trends across industries, cultures and styles. Featuring 35 different hues - pastels, neutrals, metallics and textured finishes - this powder color collection is ideal for a broad range of interior and exterior applications, including window and wall panels, doors, lighting, home accessories and patio furniture. Meeting QUALICOAT Class 1 specifications, this collection offers excellent mechanical characteristics, resistance to corrosion and exterior exposure, as well as outstanding aesthetic appeal.

Office chairs protected with PPG coatings

Into the Deep

A reflection of the aquatic blues of oceans, mountain streams and cascading waterfalls, this collection features five nuanced hues that capture the striking beauty and allure of water.

Contemporary architecture protected with PPG coatings

A Hint of Irony

Ideal for contemporary urban and industrial design styles, this collection of brilliant metallics embodies the natural beauty of iron, copper and rust.

Architecture protected with PPG coatings

Now and Forever Evergreen

Inspired by plant life in our ecosystem, this collection embraces biophilic design trends and our kinship with the natural world around us.

Glass architecture coatings

Beyond Infinity

Inspired by the colours of the cosmos, this collection captures the celestial beauty of stars, galaxie and planets for infinite design possibilities that transcend space and time.

Garden furniture covered with PPG coatings

More Than White

From pure whites to cool icy grays, this winter inspired collection captures snow in all its variations and evokes a sense of peace, tranquility and renewal.

Living room furniture and surfaces coated with PPG

Glam Slam

Coveted since the beginning of time, precious stones and metals are prized for their rarity and brilliance. This collection reflects their essence and genuine beauty for timeless and refined finishes.

Skyscrapers finished with PPG protective coatings

Back to Earth

Inspired by various shades of soil, this collection imparts a sense of strength, security and connection with the earth that sustains life.

PPG architectural powder coatings color collection swatches

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