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  • Description

    Solvent-borne, resin bonded high temperature resistant coating, formulated to reduce coefficient of friction, prevent scoring and galling or to provide secondary lubrication. Offers optimum low friction to wear ratio.

  • Chemistry


  • Application


  • Benefits

    • Controlled low friction
    • Very wide in-service temperature range
    • Good corrosion resistance
    • Very good chemical resistance
    • Usable as stand-alone or as part of an overall coating system
    • Wide range of colors
  • Suggested End Uses

    • General components
    • Valves and Actuators
    • Tools
    • Molds

Product Characteristics

Color Variety of colors
In-service temperature -195°C - +260°C / -319°F - +500°F
Cure temperature range 220°C - 345°C / 401°F - 653°F
Gloss (ASTM D523) ≤10 %

Technical Properties*

*Typical film properties determined over heavyweight zinc phosphate pre-treatment on mild steel substrate ¹Chemical resistance by spot test, over 24 hours at room temperature
Property Standard Results
Dry-film thickness ASTM D7091-20 15 – 25 μm
Dynamic coefficient of friction ASTM G99-17 Static 0.082 / Dynamic 0.039
Pencil hardness ASTM D3363-20 2H - 4H
Adhesion ASTM D3359-17 5B
Chemical resistance¹ ASTM 1308-20 Hydrochloric Acid (pH 2) - slight mark; MEK - slight mark