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  • Description

    General assembly aid coating with good dry film lubricating properties. Designed to be used on automotive weatherstrip and dynamic sealing profiles.

  • Chemistry


  • Application


  • Benefits

    • Reduced frictional properties
    • Weathering resistance
    • Air-dry
    • Can be post applied
  • Suggested End Uses

    Automotive sealing

Product Characteristics

Color Unpigmented
In-service temperature (continuous) -40°C - +120°C / -40°F - +248°F
Cure temperature range 80°C - 185°C / 176°F - 365°F

Technical Properties*

*Standards referenced are the most commonly used – subject to product selected within the Resilon 2251 range. Contact your PPG sales representative for further information
Property Standard
Dry-film thickness WTM 114A 5 - 8 microns
Coefficient of friction VW 50129:2008-02 / PSA D445434
Accelerated weathering test VW 50129:2008-02 (PV3930)