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  • Description

    Solventborne topcoat. Flexible polyester coatings specifically formulated for the recreational vehicle market when post-forming is required.

  • Chemistry

    Super Flexible Polyester

  • Application


  • Benefits

    • Exceptional flexibility with great fabrication ability
    • Great mar and burnish resistance
    • Single coat application
    • Full color palette
  • Suggested End Uses

    • Recreational vehicle components
    • Interior residential components

Product Characteristics

*The range of color availability will vary depending upon exposure requirements and architect specifications
Color White, black and pastels, Metallics and darker shades available upon request*
Dry Film Thickness ASTM D7091 1.0 ± 0.2 mil — 0.8 mil min
Gloss @ 60° ASTM D523 19-80

Performance Properties

Property Standard Results
Pencil Hardness ASTM D3363 F-H
Flexibility T-bend, ASTM D4145 2 T-bend, No pick-off
Cross Hatch Adhesion ASTM D3359,1/16” wet and dry Excellent - no removal
Direct Impact ASTM D5420, 1/10” distortion Excellent - no removal
Salt Spray Resistance ASTM B117, 1500 hrs.; 5% NaCl @ 100°F Meets or exceeds spec of 1/16" max. undercutting
Humidity Resistance ASTM D714; ASTM D2247, 1500 hrs.; 100% relative humidity @ 100°F Few #8 blisters max
Exterior Exposure ASTM G7/G7M 1yr. @ 45°, south Florida; No loss of adhesion; ASTM D2244 Maximum 8 E color change (fade); ASTM D4214 Maximum 6 chalk rating