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  • Description

    Made without PFAS,  PPG FUSION® HR high-release sol-gel coatings offer a high-gloss, 'ceramic'-like non-stick alternative to PTFE. The hard, durable finish delivers up to 30,000 cycles of wet abrasion resistance, making it a solid choice for consumer cookware protection.

  • Chemistry


  • Application


  • Benefits

    • Made without PFAS
    • Good abrasion resistance
    • Improved performance, thermal resistance and release vs. standard Fusion coatings
    • High-gloss, 'ceramic'-like appearance
    • Oven safe up to 285°C or 550°F
    • Easy cleaning
    • Engineered to comply with food contact regulations in major markets
  • Suggested End Uses

    Consumer cookware

Product Characteristics

Product series code 80-288 Primer / 80-289 Topcoat
Color Available in a variety of colors including spatter
Continuous use temperature 288°C / 550°F
Cure temperature 280°C - 300°C / 536°F - 572°F
Substrates Rolled, forged, cast and hard anodized aluminum; stainless steel

Technical Properties

Property Standards Results
Dry Film Thickness TM 114A 30 – 55 μm
Accelerated Dishwasher Simulation Test TM 198C > 20 cycles
Thermal Shock Test TM 198B > 15 cycles
Wet Reciprocating Abrasion TM 135G 50,000 cycles
Non-stick Durability Test TM 165P 50 cycles after 1,000 abrasion strokes with 1.5 kg load
Tomato Test TM 165M Pass, no blistering or loss of adhesion
Saltwater Test TM 165C Pass, no blistering or loss of adhesion