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  • Description

    Formulated using PPG's proprietary silicon-based technology that delivers the finest attributes of silicon-polyester and sol-gel non-stick coating, PPG ETERNA® Pro bakeware coating delivers long-lasting release with excellent durability that outperforms PPG ECLIPSE® bakeware coating. PPG Eterna Pro is applicable on carbon steel, aluminized steel and aluminum to achieve a beautiful "ceramic"-like finish and is available in a wide variety of colors and effects.

  • Chemistry


  • Application


  • Benefits

    • Made without PFAS
    • Long-lasting non-stick finish with excellent release performance that is twice that of PPG Eclipse bakeware coating
    • Hard, durable non-stick surface
    • Beautiful  'ceramic'- like appearance
    • Applicable on carbon steel, aluminized steel, aluminum
    • Traditional/electrostatic spray application with no additional surface treatment
    • Available in a range of colors, glosses and effects
    • Engineered to comply with food contact regulations in major segments
  • Suggested End Uses

    Consumer Bakeware

Technical Properties

Property Standard* Results
Dry Film Thickness WTM 114A 20 – 30 µm
Pencil Hardness WTM 131A > 6H
Dry Abrasion Cycles Test WTM 135C 30,000 – 45,000 cycles
Dry Egg Release WTM 199B 50 – 75 cycles
Cake Release Test WTM 199J (EN 13834 Annex C) 50 - 100 cycles

Product Characteristics

Product series code 86-800 Primer / 86-800S Topcoat
Color Available in a variety of colors, including spatter
Surface preparation Carbon steel: phosphate / Aluminum/aluminized steel: degrease or grit blast
Continuous use temperature 250°C / 482°F
Cure temperature 10 minutes @280˚C / 536˚F metal temperature
Substrates Carbon steel, aluminized steel, aluminum