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  • Description

    Designed specifically for bulk applications, this system offers excellent corrosion protection, outstanding adhesion and precise torque control in a range of performance options. A perfect fit for fasteners and other small parts, Electropolyseal e-coat does not fill recessed heads or threads.

  • Chemistry


    • Zinc-Phosphate Pretreatment + POWERCRON® XP Epoxy Electrocoat

    Electropolyseal IV

    • Zinc-Phosphate Pretreatment + ZincRich Basecoat + Powercron XP Epoxy or Powercron AL Acrylic Electrocoat

    Electropolyseal V

    • Zinc or Zinc-Nickel Plating + Powercron XP Epoxy or Powercron AL Ac
  • Application


  • Benefits

    • Abrasion and impact resistance
    • Chip resistance
    • Extensive color palette
    • ROHS and REACH-compliant
    • Part-to-part sticking (technology-specific option)
    • Low friction for torque tension and release
    • Load resistance
    • UV resistance
  • Suggested End Uses

    • Fasteners