Introducing PPG OptiGuard™A comprehensive series of insulative and/or non-stick coatings

The PPG OptiGuard product range is specifically designed to help reduce the time and cost associated with cleaning paint line equipment. PPG OptiGuard is an ideal solution for a range of applications, offering either a fluoropolymer or epoxy-based technology that have been proven to resist adhesion to and buildup of paint. But that’s just the start, follow along below to learn more about PPG OptiGuard.

Cleaner. Faster. Safer.

Many OEMs are forced to pull carriers from production every 300 to 350 cycles* to remove buildup of e-coat, grease and other contaminants. Removing contaminants from uncoated racks and jigs often requires companies to rely on outside vendors for thermal cleaning or contract labor for time-intensive, on-site water blasting using extremely high – and potentially dangerous water pressures.

The insulative and/or non-stick properties of PPG OptiGuard (EG and XD) coatings resist material adhesion and buildup, enabling the extension of paint line cleaning intervals by up to 75%** and allowing significantly lower water pressure to be used when cleaning is required. This reduces water and energy consumption, hazardous waste, chemical use and the risk of employee injuries during cleaning.

*Based on average test data

**Based on line testing data

Electrocoating assembly line with metal components being submerged in pretreatment bath.

Product Benefits:

  • Reduced cleaning management costs and labor
  • Reduced coating accumulation on equipment
  • Easier maintenance and simplified cleaning process
  • Reduced line stoppage risk and down time, resulting in reduced repair costs
  • Reduced injury risk due to cleaning (lower water pressure needed)
  • Reduced safety stocks
  • Minimized tank contamination
  • Offered as a turnkey solution package
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OptiGuard typical uses:

  • Automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) assembly lines
  • Industrial OEMs assembly lines
  • Automotive and industrial tier one suppliers
Environmental Benefits

Environmental Benefits:

  • Reduced use of cleaning chemicals
  • Improved sustainability through reduced water and energy consumption
  • Reduced hazardous waste disposal
  • Energy savings

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Why choose OptiGuard?

  • Easier cleaning process

    Easier cleaning process

  • Maintains e-coat throwpower and film build

    Maintains e-coat throwpower and film build

  • Less water, less waste

    Less water, less waste

  • Significant time and cost savings

    Significant time and cost savings

  • Non-stick and insulative properties

    Non-stick and insulative properties

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