PPG CORAFLON® ADS (Air-Dry System)Build. Restore. Protect.

PPG CORAFLON ADS (Air-Dry System) is a field-applied fluoropolymer that delivers factory applied performance in a two-component air-dry system. Meeting FGIA/AAMA 2605 standards for chemical and weather resistance, Coraflon ADS is ideal for new construction and the restoration of existing architectural metal.

Product Benefits:

  • Brilliant, low-maintenance, enduring finish
  • Excellent resistance to chalking, fading, marring, abrasion and UV light
  • Available in rich palette of solid, brighter mica and metallic finishes
  • Optimized for restoration of weathered architectural metals
  • Meets FGIA/AAMA 2605 standards for weatherability and chemical- resistance
  • 10-80 gloss range
  • Ideal for new and existing construction

Coraflon typical uses:

  • Building panels
  • Window mullions
  • Amusement park rides
  • Stadiums
  • Metal roofing
  • Corporate signage

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Exceptional protection with brilliant color

Based on PPG’s proven technologies, you can trust Coraflon ADS long-lasting, field-applied coatings. They are optimal for building restoration and large surface applications, and an excellent choice for restoring weathered building panels and accents. These coatings feature low VOCs and therefore can be used in most regions. Their characteristics make them an ideal choice for high-profile architectural applications where long-term aesthetics are desired.

The chemically inert Coraflon ADS composition delivers a brilliant, low-maintenance finish that stands the test of time. Its unique formulation enables Coraflon ADS coatings to attain a rich palette of solid, mica and metallic finishes while providing exceptional performance in color and gloss retention.

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Why choose Coraflon ADS?

  • Available in a wide range of FGIA/AAMA 2605-compliant colors and finishes

  • Durable protection from high levels of corrosion and weathering

  • Delivers aesthetics and functionality

  • Cost effective, low-waste, high out-put technology

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