Envirocron® UltraX™ Ultradurable low bake powder topcoat - efficient and sustainable

Envirocron® UltraX™ combines ultradurable weathering performance and efficient manufacturing process with extremely low VOC emissions/or extremely low VOC formulation. The low temperature system with speed-cure option can significantly reduce throughput times in the manufacturing process, thus increasing productivity. Used as a low cure system Envirocron UltraX reduces CO2-emissions and also saves energy costs.

Excellent process stability

In construction machinery, in particular, different and complex components are assembled into a single unit. This often involves the use of a wide range of material thicknesses on a single part. If the coating‘s processing window is too small, there is a risk of over- or under-baking, leading to a loss of important product properties.

Envirocron UltraX offers a large stoving window and a high level of process reliability. Valuable properties can be retained, even for complex and thin- or thick-walled components. Blooming-resistant, Envirocron UltraX provides a protective finish that stands up to all weather extremes.

Product Benefits:

  • Ultradurable polyester with very good weather and chemical resistance
  • Low temperature system with speed-cure option
  • Wide processing window with high process stability
  • Blooming-resistant
  • Good storage stability
  • Specifically formulated without CMR

Envirocron UltraX typical uses:

  • HDE: Agricultural and Construction Machinery
  • Transportation: Trailer, Bicycle, Rail
  • General Industrial

Environmental Benefit

Specifically formulated without the following substances

  • PT910
  • TGIC
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Hazardous air pollutants (HAPs)
  • Substances of very high concern (SHVCs) – UltraX is REACH compliant

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Why choose PPG Envirocron® UltraX™

  • Ultradurable protection

  • Speed-cure option with increased efficiency and reduced energy costs

  • Delivers aesthetics & functionality

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