Corrosion: Eating Away at Electrical Components

According to NACE International, the corrosion of metal on infrastructure, buildings, equipment, and vehicles costs the world's consumers, businesses, and governments more than $1 trillion each year. Electrical component manufacturers and their customers bear a significant portion of that expense, yet the best strategies for designing and coating electrical enclosures, transformers, switchgear, and lighting fixtures to protect against this nemesis are often an afterthought.

This is problematic for several reasons. For one, electrical equipment may be required to withstand decades of service in harsh environments. That makes metal coatings a critical first line of defense for sensitive instrumentation and controls. There also are hidden costs for corrosion-related maintenance and repairs, as well as the damage done to the manufacturer’s brand image by having their name affixed to unsightly equipment.

It's no wonder that buyers consider metal equipment design and coatings in light of total lifecycle costs - including maintenance and repair requirements - rather than initial purchase and installation price only.

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