PPG 2023 Color of the Year and Color Palettes for Industrial Design

"Reflection," the theme of PPG's 2023 color forecast, is inspired by design trends that reflect cultural influences and inspire us to ponder what matters most-the way we engage with others, our surroundings and our planet.

This theme is embodied by PPG's 2023 Color of the Year choice, Vining Ivy, and three complementary color palettes: Serenity, Origin and Duality. Collectively, the 45 coordinating colors are expected to influence the styling direction of products in industries such as cookware, consumer electronics, office furniture and architectural building applications.

To introduce the 2023 Color of the Year and the three corresponding palettes to industrial designers, product designers and stylists, PPG’s industrial coatings business has released a video that tells the story of a young designer who reflects upon her career choices and the sacrifices she has made to pursue her dream.

This story is told with dramatic effect through the strong supporting cast of colors, Vining Ivy and the Serenity, Origin and Duality collections, all of which are creatively featured in multifaceted ways throughout.

More about PPG's color styling expertise, Vining Ivy and the three color palettes here https://www.ppgindustrialcoatings.com/en-US/coty

Video credits:

A PMI Production 
Amara VayderFemale Lead 
Michael Ashley Male Lead 
Damien Christian D’AmicoDirector 
Julia HannanExecutive Producer 
Kevin Stiller Director of Photography 
Colleen O’Neil Production Coordinator 
Shawn Jackson Sound Editor
Dan KusnirAssistant Camera Operator 
Jillian Rose Costume Designer 
Sam MoscoGaffer
Axel CubiasGrip 
Ben PalmerGrip 
Ariana DepuyHair and Makeup Artist 
Iaysha SamadHair and Makeup Artist 
Ivan AvilaProduction Assistant
Vanessa L. PetersonPPG Global Color Styling Lead
Alicia CafardiPPG Associate Director, Global Marketing Communications
Genna NiemiecSenior Communications Representative