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  • Description

    The Xylan family of kitchenware coatings includes products for virtually every type of cookware, bakeware and small appliance. Available in a wide range of colors and with good release characteristics and durability, these coatings combine high performance with aesthetics for promotional to moderate price points.

  • Chemistry


  • Application

    Conventional spray

  • Benefits

    • Wide applicability parameters
    • Competitive application costs
    • Specifically formulated without PFOA
    • Regulatory compliant
  • Suggested End Uses

    • Consumer Cookware*
    • Consumer Bakeware
    • Kitchen Electrics

    *Details reflect attributes for Consumer Cookware coatings only. Contact a representative for information for other suggested uses.

Technical Properties

Property Standard* Results
Dry Film Thickness WTM 114A 20 - 30 microns
Wet Reciprocating Abrasion WTM 135G 500 - 8,000
HFT/Scratch WTM 137C 3 - 4
Life Cycle Release Test WTM 165N 1,000 - 8,000
*WTM = Whitford Test Method

Product Characteristics

Color Variety of colors including spatter
Continuous use temperature 260°C / 500°F
Cure temperature 380 - 415°C / 715 - 780°F