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  • Description

    Solvent- and Water-borne, resin bonded anti-friction, abrasion resistant dry film, formulated to deliver a wide range of performance characteristics in various automotive applications.

  • Chemistry


  • Application


  • Benefits

    • Controlled low friction
    • Anti-stick and slip
    • Very wide in-service temperature range
    • Dry film can be machined or polished
    • Very good chemical resistance
    • Usable as stand-alone or as part of an overall coating system
    • Excellent adhesion to metals
  • Suggested End Uses

    • Steering Systems (crash tubes)
    • Engine pistons
    • HVAC compressors
    • Solenoids
    • Rivets

Technical Properties*

*Typical values based on Xylan 16-014. Other values are possible with alternative products
Property Standard Results
Dry-film thickness ASTM D7091-20 10 – 100 μm
Coefficient of friction ASTM G99-17 *0.08 – 0.10
Pencil hardness ASTM D3363-20 4H - 5H
Adhesion ASTM D3359-17 5B
Chemical resistance ASTM 1308-20 Resistant to most automotive fluids and acids

Product Characteristics

Color Black, gray, green
In-service temperature -195°C - 260°C / -319°F - +500°F
Cure temperature range 180°C - 345°C / 401°F - 653°F