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  • Description

    PPG's flagship grade, Marzon Z-12 has undergone the highest levels of irradiation we offer, resulting in far lower MW and reactive end group chemistries available per unit. This leads to superior dispersibility a wide variety of resin and solvent systems.

  • Chemistry


  • Benefits

    • Unique thermal treatment process delivers exceptional thermal stability and mitigates off-gassing
    • Exacting manufacturing process ensures precise molecular weight and consistency in performance
    • Optimal compatibility with various polymer matrices
  • Suggested End Uses

    • Cookware coatings
    • Corrosion-resistant coatings
    • Mold release
    • Lubricants and specialty oils

Product Characteristics

Color Pristine white
Average Particle Size Laser Analysis 3 μ
Specific Surface Area Nitrogen Absorption 4 m2/g
Powder Bulk Density ASTM D5675 350 g/L
Melt Point Temperature ASTM D5675 323˚ C / 613˚ F