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  • Description

    A PTFE alternative, two-coat system offering excellent release and performance PPG FUSION® Pro next-generation sol-gel technology offers enhanced performance versus other Fusion coatings. 

  • Chemistry


  • Application


  • Suggested End Uses

    Consumer cookware

Product Characteristics

Color Available in a variety of colors including spatter
Continuous use temperature 288°C / 550°F
Cure temperature 280°C - 300°C / 536°F - 572°F

Technical Properties

Property Standards Results
Dry Film Thickness WTM 114A 30 - 55 microns
Wet Reciprocating Abrasion WTM 135G 50,000 cycles
Accelerated Dishwasher Simulation Test TM 198C > 20 cycles
Thermal Shock Test > 15 cycles
Stain Resistance Test < 15 ΔE
Burnt Milk Release (after Leeching at pH12) > 20 cycles
Burnt Milk Release (after Heating to 300˚ C / 572˚ F) > 15 cycles
Non-stick Durability Test (Egg Release after Abrasion) 50 cycles after 1,000 abrasion strokes with 1.5 kg load
STIWA LGA Test TM138L < 2.5 score, good
Tomato Test TM16M Pass, no blistering or loss of adhesion
Saltwater Test Pass, no blistering or loss of adhesion