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  • Description

    PPG ENVIROCRON® PRIMERON FLEX is a specially developed hybrid powder coating optimally suited for various substrates. At the same time, the system offers excellent inter-coat adhesion to different topcoat systems and can be used flexibly in the truest sense of the word. In addition, various Qualisteelcoat approvals confirm its good corrosion protection properties.

  • Benefits

    • Strong corrosion protection
    • Suitable for various substrates
    • Very good flow and appearance
    • High chemical resistance
    • Good application stability
    • Good intercoat adhesion
    • Low consumption
    • Formulated without Zinc NIA*

    *Not Intentionally Added

  • Suggested End Uses

    • Protection of interior paints
    • Gas or liquid tanks
    • Pipelines
    • Structural steelwork
    • Trucks
    • Trailers
    • Car parts

Technical Properties

Property Standard Results
Gloss at 60°
ISO 2813
20-40 gloss units
Specific Gravity
Calculated 1,54 g/cm³
Impact Resistance
ISO 6272 / ASTM D2794
40 inch-pound - Direct

20 inch-pound - Reverse
ISO 2409
Conical Mandrel Bending
ISO 6860
0 - 10 mm