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  • Description

    UV-curable anti-scratch topcoat, delivering a factory finish for wood floors that helps them looking newer longer than the competition.

  • Chemistry

    UV cured resins and nanotechnology

  • Benefits

    • Hard and durable finishes
    • Scratch and abrasion resistance
    • Stain and chemical resistance
    • Flexible finishes
    • Ample range of gloss levels (5 -70)
    • High clarity
    • Immediate cure
  • Suggested End Uses

    • Residential flooring
    • Commercial flooring
    • Hospital & Medical Centers
    • Office Buildings
    • Schools/ Educational Areas

Product Characteristics

Property Standard Results
Color - Clear
Gloss @ 60˚ ASTM D523 5-70
VOC - ≤ 0.3 lbs./gal. (36 g/L)

Performance Properties

Property Standard Results
Adhesion ASTM D3359 5B
Solvent Resistance >200 DR with Xylene, MEK & IPA ASTM D4302 No effect
Scratch Resistance DIN EN 16094 Procedure B MSR-B1 (No visible scratches)
Gloss Retention DIN EN 16094 Procedure A MSR-A1 (<10% Change)
Stain Resistance Based on ASTM D1308-02 No effect: nail polish remover, mustard, food color, RIT® dye, SHARPIE® markers, shoe polish, betadine;Slight effect: iodine tincture