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  • Description

    Aquacron SR clear coat is a thermal-cured PU clear coat that is applied on top of the base coat to provide excellent stain resistance and burnish resistance, while imparting a luxurious silky feel to laptops, keypads and ereaders.

  • Benefits

    • Provide excellent consumer experience with premium finish
      • Stain resistance to most chemicals
      • Anti-finger print on dark colors
      • Durable burnish resistance
      • Luxurious silky smooth touch feel
    • Offers more options for color designs and differentiation
    • Low VOC content (<150g/L), compliant with Chinese GB National Standards
    • Sustainable option that saves cost associated with reduced requirements for environmental controls
  • Suggested End Uses

    • Laptops
    • eReaders

Product Characteristics

Color Clear-coat
Gloss retention (crocking abrasion) <20% after 40,000 abrasion cycles

Performance Properties

Property Results
Pencil Hardness H @765g load
RCA 250 cycles
Taber Abrasion CS-10, 300 cycles
Chemical Resistance (ambient) No or slight color change
Chemical Resistance (60C, 90%RH, 168hrs) No or slight color change
Sharpie Marker Pen Resistance Can be wiped out by wet tissue
Denim Resistance No color transfer after 3000 cycles
Xenon dE=0.1 after 300hrs
Heat Soak Pass 500hrs @ 60C/90%RH