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  • Description

    A water-based topcoat found across a variety of industries, lowering costs and providing differential appearance and increased throughput.

  • Chemistry

    1K Acrylic

  • Benefits

    • Excellent block resistance
    • Textured appearance
    • Water-based
    • One component
    • Mid to high gloss range
    • Fast drying
    • ≤1.0 lbs/gal (120 g/L) VOCs and   specifically formulated without HAPs
    • Customizable colors as low as 1 gallon
  • Suggested End Uses

    • Industrial Equipment
    • Fabricated Metal
    • Building Materials

Product Characteristics*

*Excess film thickness will retard dry times. Do not apply at temperatures below 50°F(10°C). For specific product VOC information refer to the environmental data sheet (EDS).
Color Multiple
Gloss @ 60° (ASTM D523) 30 - 80
VOC ≤ 1.0 lbs./gal. (≤ 120 g/L)
Cure Oven Time/Temp: 10-30 min @ 180-220°F
Air Dry*: To Touch: 20-30 min To Handle: 1 hr

Performance Properties*

*Results obtained over iron phosphate with chrome rinse pretreatment with primer on CRS panels. Salt spray performance dependent on pretreatment and primer used.
Property Standard Results
Pencil Hardness ASTM D3363 F
Conical Mandrel Bend ASTM D522 1/8”
Adhesion ASTM D3359 5B
Humidity Resistance ASTM D2247 250 hours
Salt Spray Resistance ASTM B117 250 hours
Weatherometer SAE J2527 / ASTM G155-05A 1000 hours