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  • Description

    Two coat spray-applied solventborne fluoropolymer and acrylic resin blend coating system. Meets FGIA/AAMA 2604 specifications.

  • Chemistry

    50% PVDF / 50% Acrylic

  • Application


  • Benefits

    • Full color palette, including mica options
    • Hard finish
    • Value engineered
    • Application similarities to PPG’s Duranar offering
    • Suitable for less UV intense regions
  • Suggested End Uses

    • Plate aluminum
    • Brake metal
    • Storefronts

Product Characteristics

*The range of color availability will vary depending upon exposure requirements and architect specifications
Colors A wide range of solid colors and pearlescents*
Gloss ASTM D523 @ 60° Low and medium

Technical Properties

*Corrosion performance is dependent on properly cleaned and pretreated substrate
Property Test Standard Results
Dry Film Thickness ASTM D7091 0.2 mil min. primer; 1.0 mil min. color coat
Pencil Hardness ASTM D3363 F min
Cross Hatch Adhesion ASTM D3359, 1/16" wet and dry Excellent - No removal
Direct Impact ASTM D5420: 1/10" distortion Excellent - No removal
Abrasion - Sand Falling ASTM D968 40 l/mil
Acid Resistance ASTM D1308: 10% muriatic acid spot test 15 minutes - No attack
Alkali Resistance Mortar pat test 100% relative humidity @ 100° F 24 hours - No attack
Detergent Resistance ASTM D2248 3% immersion @ 100° F 72 hours - No attack 
Salt Spray Resistance* ASTM B117: 3,000 hrs. 5% NaCl @95° F 1/16" maximum undercutting 
Humidity Resistance ASTM D714, ASTM D2247, 3000 hours; 100% relative humidity @ 100°F Up to few #8 blisters maximum
Exterior Exposure ASTM G7/G7M 5 yrs @ 45° South Florida; Film Integrity; Gloss Retention ASTM D2244, Maximum 8 DE color change, ASTM D4214, Maximum 8 chalk rating; Very Good; Greater than 30%