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Coatings for Prefinishing

PPG is the leader in advanced factory-applied primers, finishes and stains for building materials. We combine a global reach with a dedicated service and support team, delivering expertise you can count on. Our team works alongside machine applicators to generate consistent film builds, color performance and long-term durability to ensure each project receives beautiful and long-lasting protection. Factory-applied coatings by PPG creates significant advantages for homeowners, builders, architects, and lumber wholesalers and retailers over coatings applied in the field.

Color Expertise

PPG’s global color team, comprised of different disciplines and backgrounds, sets the standard with custom capabilities and trends that help our customers stand out from their competition. We are dedicated to protecting and beautifying the world.

A row of modular homes with painted wood paneling using PPG coatings.
Product Benefits

Product Benefits

  • Able to coat every edge, angle and groove using automatic equipment to ensure thorough performance
  • More uniform film builds and color consistency than field-applied coatings providing excellent quality
  • Special formulations provide line performance, physical durability and weathering properties
  • Controlled conditions in a factory setting eliminate field applied errors

Typical Customers of Coatings for Prefinishing

  • Architects
  • LBM wholesalers and retailers
  • Independent machine coaters
  • Home builders
  • Home owners
Product Categories

Product Categories

  • Perfect primers
  • Colorful, durable topcoats
  • Specialty waterborne topcoats
  • Solid color finishes
  • Semi-transparent exterior finishes
  • Semi-transparent latex stains
  • Semi-transparent alkyd stains
  • Specialty weathering stains

Why choose PPG Coatings for Prefinishing?

  • Training Icon

    PPG provides your business with detailed training, start-up assistance, and everyday support

  • Team Best Practices

    We'll work with your team to establish best practices

  • Color Matching

    Local color matching and performance testing

  • Audits

    Performing regular line audits

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