General Industrial

For more than a century, leading manufacturers have relied on PPG for protective, cost-effective and colorful general industrial coatings to make their products more durable and their processes more efficient.

PPG is a total solution provider for every stage of the industrial coatings process, including coatings for a variety of substrates, production lines requirements, end-use applications and customer needs.

In fact, PPG is one of the few companies in the world to offer fully integrated solutions across liquid coatings, powder coatings, electrocoat, electron beam and ultraviolet (EB and UV) coatings and pretreatment paint technologies.

From electrical equipment to toolboxes, from water valves to shopping carts, PPG has the products and expertise to optimize the coatings applications process and make finished goods look better and last longer.

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Featured Products

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    Envirocron Extreme Protection Edge powder delivers extreme corrosion protection on sharp, hard-to-coat edges in just one coat. With a higher first-pass transfer efficiency, reduced powder usage and 20+ micron edge coverage, this patent-pending breakthrough is ideal for laser, fiber, CO2 plasma cut and sharp edges, louvers, blades and mesh.


    With excellent adhesion and strength, Envirocron HTE powder is ideal for complex, difficult-to-coat surfaces. Available in durable and ultra-durable proprietary formulations, this innovation helps to increase output while reducing material usage, energy consumption and maintenance costs with first-pass transfer rates of up to 85 percent.

  • PPG POWERCRON® 160 Electrocoat

    Originally developed to meet the unique needs of the pipe industry and specifically engineered for cast profiles, Powercron 160 anionic epoxy e-coat uses a proprietary chemistry that enables high film builds of greater than 6 mils / 150µm over multiple substrates and pretreatment chemistries.

  • PPG POWERCRON® 397 Electrocoat

    Featuring exceptional corrosion protection properties, Powercron 397 is our newest anodic acrylic technology. This low VOC (0.4 – 1.2 lbs. per gal./ 181 – 544 gms per litre minus water/exempts) formulation is available in a variety of colors with reduced cure capabilities as low as 325°F (163°C)  and is ideally suited for metal housings. Not currently available in Europe.

  • PPG VERSABOND™ Pretreatment

    Versabond is a fast, kinetic-efficient zinc-phosphate pretreatment system that improves corrosion resistance on mixed-metal substrates while enabling manufacturers to realize the benefits of extended bath life, reduced sludge and lower processing temperatures.