Introducing PPG ENVIROCRON® P4 SeriesPremium powder coatings for trendy matte and fine texture finishes

The PPG ENVIROCRON® PCS P4 Series is a GSB and Qualicoat approved polyester based powder coating designed to meet the requirements and needs of the architectural market for a variety of metal substrates including furniture, fixtures, lighting, décor and general finishes - as well as bicycles. The premium, fine-textured and highly scratch-resistant matte finishes extend product life - an important consideration for companies interested in sustainability.

Trending Finishes

Rich colors with matte, premium finishes are quickly becoming the finish of choice in modern architecture, home décor, furniture, and fixtures. The uniformly fine texture of Envirocron P4 coatings creates a soft, matte finish and gives solid colors an elegant, sophisticated, and contemporary metallic look.

The matte trend is also influencing appliance styling with consumer demand growing for dark neutrals and soft, creamy hues for metallic appliances and other traditionally glossy surfaces. As a leader in color and finishes, PPG has selected 28 of the most popular colors to create a palette of premium matte finishes for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications.

A residential house with a black veranda that has been coated with PPGs ENVIROCRON® PCS P4 Series to produce a matte finish.
Product Benefits

Product Benefits:

  • Robust high-scratch resistance that extends product life
  • Enhanced edge coverage due to high viscosity offers excellent corrosion protection
  • Low sensitivity to product contamination in the paint line
  • Good hiding power to cover substrate irregularities and casting defects
  • Matte, even look with a very soft, fine-textured finish
  • Enhanced UV resistance
  • Available in small quantities (starting from 20KG)
  • GSB and Qualicoat approved, meeting the demands of the architectural market

Environmental Benefits:

  • No volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or Volatile Organic Compounds not intentionally added
  • No hazardous waste
  • Enhanced durability resulting in extended product life
  • High transfer efficiency and the ability to reclaim powder

Envirocron P4 typical uses:

  • Metal office furniture
  • Urban furniture
  • Steel or galvanized steel for cladding
  • Aluminum profiles and sheets
  • Verandas
  • Doors
  • Window frames
  • Facades
  • Lighting
  • Bicycles

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Why choose Envirocron P4?

  • Durable Protection

    Highly robust and environmentally sustainable

  • Color Swatches

    The latest in color and finish trends

  • Edge and Face Coverage

    Unparalleled edge coverage

  • Costs

    Cost savings and low waste

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