Unlocking Color & Sustainability with Made without PFAS Coatings

PPG's innovative ways to improve environmental impact

June 2024

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At PPG, sustainability is at the core of our business. In line with this commitment, the Kitchenware and Industrial Bakeware team developed two new sol-gel ceramic non-stick coatings made without polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and engineered to comply with food contact regulations in major segments:

  • PPG FUSION® Pro sol-gel ceramic non-stick coating is designed to withstand high temperatures, with a continuous use temperature of 288°C (550°F). It boasts a robust and durable non-stick surface that has been rigorously tested to last more than twice as long as comparable sol-gel coatings. Additionally, this coating performs exceptionally well in both dishwashing and thermal shock testing.
  • PPG ETERNA® Pro coatings are formulated using PPG's proprietary silicon-based technology that delivers the finest attributes of silicon-polyester and sol-gel non-stick coating. PPG ETERNA® Pro bakeware coating delivers long-lasting release with excellent durability. It is applicable on carbon steel, aluminized steel and aluminum to achieve a beautiful "ceramic"-like finish and is available in a wide variety of colors and effects.

These coatings, part of our Made Without PFAS collection, represent a breakthrough in sustainable solutions.

Cooking with a pan coated using sol-gel coatings

Cooking with a Splash of Color

These high-performance coatings come in a wide variety of colors and textures, catering to every price point, in both consumer and industrial markets. As a matter of fact, our color experts, drawn from diverse industries worldwide, continually track international color preferences. By aligning with automotive, fashion, architectural and interior design trends, we create colors and palettes that empower our customers, elevate their brands, and leverage the psychology of color to influence purchasing decisions.

These latest innovations were highlighted at three major housewares shows: Ambiente in Germany in February,  at the Inspired Home Show in Chicago in March and again at Canton Fair in Guangzhou (China) in April. These events were a hub of industry innovation, drawing over 30,000 industry experts and retail buyers eager to explore the latest trends in the housewares market.

Our 2024 Color of the Year, Limitless, was on display at both events, as well as our color collection for cookware and bakeware. Our team highlighted each “volume” with three distinct color trend displays in the center of the booth.

Suzie Eberhardt, our Global Strategic Account Manager, emphasized the importance of color: "Color plays a pivotal role at these two shows" she explained. "We take pride in offering trendsetting palettes for kitchenware, showcasing our expertise and design capabilities."

PPG 2024 color collections for kitchenware

PPG's coating technologies extend beyond cookware. We also showcased our PPG ENVIROCRON® High Transfer Efficiency powder coatings, which can be used to protect and enhance the exteriors of insulated drinkware from top-selling brands. These coatings ensure durability, aesthetics and environmental responsibility.

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