Podcast | How Powder Coatings Fit into PPG’s Market Strategy

PPG Powder Experts Share Insights on Powder Coating Podcast

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Two PPG industry experts, Courtney Jungjohann Deemer, powder coatings business director, and Shelley Verdun, powder coatings business manager, Americas, were recently guests on a podcast to talk about all things powder coatings.

Nathan 'Powder' of The Ask Joe Powder Powdcast interviewed the pair as they discussed the current state of the powder industry, how powder coatings fit into PPG's market strategy, new innovations and where they see the market for powder coatings headed in the future.

Watch the full podcast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q35uZGUpjAs

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About Our Experts

Courtney Jungjohann Deemer joined PPG in technical sales 16 years ago after studying chemical engineering at the University of Pittsburgh. She has worked across various sectors within PPG’s industrial coatings business with powder playing a key role throughout her career; her first ever sale was related to powder!

Shelley Verdun started at PPG 33 years ago as a chemist. She spent 25 years of her career working in liquid coatings before transitioning to powder in 2015 after leading the acquisition of IBC Coatings Technologies.

The 40-minute podcast is packed full of insights, so what can you expect to learn?

  • How powder coatings fit into PPG's overall market strategy
  • How PPG has been affected by the pandemic and how we’re keeping up with customer needs
  • Industry trends and latest powder developments
  • Emerging opportunities for power in the electric vehicle industry
  • How PPG delivers better edge coverage and improved corrosion resistance with powder coatings innovations
  • The power of powder in the architectural space
  • The environmental benefits of powder coatings
  • How PPG has utilized low cure technology to make powder coatings a viable option for heat-sensitive substrates such as wood
  • Antimicrobial powder coating technology
  • How PPG is embracing post-COVID digitalization

Courtney was recently featured on several podcasts. You can hear more of her insights on this PPG podcast.