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PPG coil, extrusion and field-applied coatings are engineered to safeguard structures of every size and scope, from residential and commercial buildings to monumental architectural landmarks. Our extensive library of rich and on-trend colors — including solids, micas and metallics— versatile textures and advanced cooling and color-shifting pigments gives builders and architects the freedom to design projects that stand apart for their beauty, resilience and performance. For project support, color samples or technical assistance, please contact us at 800-258-6398.

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For project support, color samples or technical assistance, please contact us at 800-258-6398.

Leadership in Architectural Metal Protection

Since 1967 with the launch of groundbreaking PPG DURANAR coatings, PPG has continued to pioneer innovations that redefine the protection, design and performance of architectural metal.

Our portfolio of liquid and powder technologies are engineered for both interior and exterior applications and are available in a variety of PVDF, FEVE, acrylic, polyester and SMP formulations.

Our metal coatings are backed by PPG’s incomparable technical support, comprehensive color capabilities and a commitment to developing next-generation coatings that are not only more sustainable, but more durable and beautiful.

Extrusion Coatings

For more than 55 years, PPG’s spray-applied aluminum extrusion coatings have consistently set the industry benchmark for durability.  This high-performance protection, coupled with our extensive library of customizable colors, gloss levels, textures and special effects, make PPG extrusion coatings among the most specified in the world.

Coil Coatings

PPG is a global provider of coil coatings for building and architectural applications. Chemically inert, our pre-painted metal solutions offer flexibility, hardness and robust protection against UV rays, chemicals, abrasions and humidity.

Field-Applied & Touch-Ups

PPG provides air-dry products for touch-up, repair, and restoration of factory-applied coil and extrusion painted metal surfaces. Our one- and two-component air dry fluoropolymer systems are perfect for minor repairs or full-scale restoration. They can be applied using various methods, including brush, roller or spray. These field-applied coatings meet FGIA/AAMA 2605 performance standards and come in a range of glosses, solid colors, mica and metallic shades.

Featured Products Extrusion - Liquid


    Setting the industry standard for durability and color, this two-coat system is comprised of a patented primer and a durable color that combines PPG’s proprietary resin and pigment technologies with 70% PVDF resins. The Duranar portfolio includes mica, metallic, cooling and color-shifting formulations. 

  • FGIA/AAMA 2604

    Acrynar is a two-coat spray 50% PVDF fluoropolymer and 50% acrylic resin blend formulated to provide a hard, smooth finish and long-term durability, mar resistance and excellent weatherability. Recommended for high-traffic areas such as storefronts, schools, hospitals and high-rise condominiums.

  • FGIA/AAMA 2604 Durastar

    An economical one- or two-coat spray-applied ultra-durable polyester aluminum coating system that delivers exceptional hardness, scratch- and mar-resistance. Can be applied over a primer for enhanced seacoast performance. Recommended for architectural components used in high traffic areas like storefronts.

  • FGIA/AAMA 2603 Polycron

    A one-coat spray-applied high-solids polyester resin system that offers durability during handling and installation with colors formulated to match most Duranar and Acrynar coatings colors. Recommended for residential and interior architectural applications like railings, trim and window frames.

Extrusion - Powder

  • FGIA/AAMA 2605 PPG Coraflon Platinum Powder 

    PPG Coraflon Platinum powder offers 20% high transfer efficiency, improved corrosion performance in one coat than standard FEVE powders and a gloss range of 5-85. Ideal for curtain walls, storefronts, architectural extrusions and monumental applications.

  • FGIA/AAMA 2603 PPG Envirocron HTE 03 Durable Polyester Powder

    Formulated for extrusion applications, provides good film integrity, impact, mar resistance and color resistance. Offers first-pass transfer efficiency rate up to 85%. Ideal for residential window and door frames, railings, trim, and interior commercial applications. 

  • FGIA/AAMA 2604 PPG Envirocron HTE 04 Ultra-Durable Polyester Powder 

    Formulated for extrusion application, this coating is formulated with more robust resin and pigment system that PPG ENVIROCRON HTE 03 for added durability and protection. Features first-pass transfer efficiency rate up to 85%.  Ideal for high-end, high-traffic residential and light commercial buildings in inland and coastal settings.



    PPG’s flagship architectural metal coating, PPG DURANAR® coil coatings are multi-coat systems, anchored by a corrosion-inhibitive primer and a 70% PVDF fluoropolymer topcoat. Duranar coatings among the world’s most specified coatings due to long-term durability, outstanding resistance to corrosion, chemicals, chalking and fading.


    Engineered for exterior durability, PPG DURASTAR® silicone-modified polyester (SMP) liquid coating is a two-coat system that provides an excellent balance of exterior gloss, color retention, chalk resistance and form flexibility. Available in Durastar ULTRA-Cool ®  formulation with infrared (IR)-reflective pigments.


    Utilizing proprietary, patented technology, Duraform® BP polyester coatings combine toughness with flexibility for a wide range of exterior end uses, including gutters, downspouts, soffit and fascia. 


    An alternative to traditional coil systems, PPG DURANEXT™ UV/EB-curable coatings are a line of energy-efficient primers, backers, topcoats and clearcoats that cure in seconds without thermal heat.  Engineered for both interior and exterior applications.

Field Applied

  • PPG CORAFLON® ADS (Air-Dry System) 

    PPG CORAFLON® ADS (Air-Dry System) is a field- or shop-applied fluoropolymer that delivers factory applied performance in a two-component air-dry system. Meets FGIA/AAMA 2605 specifications for chemical and weather resistance and is ideal for new construction and restoration. 

  • PPG DURANAR® ADS (Air-Dry System) 

    PPG DURANAR® ADS (Air-Dry System) is a field-applied fluoropolymer topcoat for architectural restoration for use over properly prepared anodized or previously painted aluminum, steel, and galvanized steel building components.

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