Antimicrobial Powder Coatings

PPG’s SILVERSAN™ antimicrobial-protected powder coatings are used to provide supplemental protection against the growth of microorganisms in a wide range of applications.  Bacteria, viruses, fungi or algae, when present, can produce unwanted odors, discoloration, befouling or mildew and, in certain cases, lead to degradation or corrosion of the base material.

SILVERSAN powder coatings provide non-migratory, long-term antimicrobial efficacy, even on abraded surfaces.  These coatings are developed in a proprietary manufacturing process by slowly releasing silver ions by way of an ion exchange mechanism.  Silver is known to be a safe material for human contact and highly effective against a broad spectrum of micro-organisms.

Antimicrobial coatings possess high temperature stability and excellent color retention.  They are also durable and capable of providing maximum protection over an extended period of time.  SILVERSAN antimicrobial-protected powder coating is available in all resin chemistries.  The product is fully reclaimable and displays superior exterior durability in addition to its resistance to microorganisms.

Typical applications for antimicrobial coatings include:
  • Food processing equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Fitness equipment
  • Pharmaceutical labs 
  • Hospital furniture
  • Hand rails
  • Storage containers and tanks
  • Utensils, kitchen equipment  
  • Restroom accessories
  • Appliances
  • Shower enclosures
  • Water coolers and ice-making equipment