PPG Industrial Coatings Products

PPG continuously develops innovative products which enhance customers’ revenue streams through new aesthetics, enhanced performance properties and increased application efficiency.  PPG has an integrated global team of professional color stylists, chemists and technical application experts to help manufacturers to turn new coatings technologies into viable products which will integrate seamlessly into global supply chains.

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An electrocoating system applies a charge to a metal part that is immersed in a coating bath.

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Engineered Products

Manufacturers and industrial coating applicators have a wide range of requirements not addressed by traditional coatings and related products.

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Industrial liquid coatings include a variety of platforms and custom formulations ranging from solvent-borne to high-solids/ low-bake, water-borne finishes and UV cure technology, all designed to increase applied cost efficiency and help manufacturers to achieve their coatings goals.

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Powder coatings are an environmentally friendly coating solution offering superior performance for applications which require maximum abrasion resistance and hardness.

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Pretreatments dramatically enhance coating adhesion and reduce the rate of surface corrosion when paint film is potentially compromised.

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Ultra Violet and ElectroBeam

UV (ultraviolet) and EB (electron beam) are two advanced technologies used for curing today’s high performance polymer coatings.

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