PPG Liquid Coatings

Extensive color capabilities to meet the demands of the Industrial customer

Industrial liquid coatings include a variety of platforms and custom formulations ranging from solvent-borne to high-solids/ low-bake, water-borne finishes and UV cure technology, all designed to increase applied cost efficiency and help manufacturers to achieve their coatings goals.

PPG has an integrated global team of professional color stylists, chemists and technical application experts to help manufacturers to commercialize products through complex global supply chains.  PPG’s dedicated work cells, using state-of-the-art software and dispensing equipment, allows PPG to deliver customized color matches and achieve quick turnaround times.

PPG Featured Liquid Coatings

The Spectracron® and Aquacron® coating lines include primers and topcoats in a variety of technologies such as alkyds, urethanes, epoxies and acrylics.  PPG also offers Raycron® coatings, a family of UV cured coatings, and Velvecron® coatings for a soft touch finish to meet specialized product development requirements.

SPECTRACRON Solvent-borne Primers and Topcoats

Spectracron solvent-borne coatings for industrial finishing are designed with proven PPG technology.  This line of products is ideal for applications that include heavy and light duty equipment, metal fabrication, castings, caskets, motorized sports equipment, and consumer electronics and equipment.

AQUACRON Water-borne Primers and Topcoats

Aquacron water-borne coatings are designed with proven PPG technology for industrial finishing.  Aquacron coatings are an excellent choice for low VOC applications or where flammability and exposure issues are critical.

RAYCRON UV Curable Products

Raycron coatings are designed with proven PPG technology for industrial finishing.  Raycron coatings are an excellent choice where high solids, fast cure and improved handling applications are critical.

VELVECRON Soft-Touch Coatings

Velvecron coatings are state-of-the-art, medium to high solids two component urethane topcoats designed to provide the highest performance standards to meet stringent customer specifications.  Velvecron products combine a very low sheen and soft luxurious feel to provide a top quality finish.

ISO-FREE 2K Urethane Coating

PPG’s isocyanate-free (ISO-free), two-component urethane coatings deliver superior corrosion protection over both primed steel and treated aluminum.  They can be used on utility and maintenance vehicles, farm and construction equipment, electrical machinery, refrigeration and heating equipment and general industrial machinery, and also as a coating for vessels, tanks and cylinders.  Their resistance to solvents, lubricants and other chemicals make them ideal for metal-finishing applications, including the automotive and machine tool industries, and as a touch-up paint for parts that might sustain finish damage during shipment or in storage.